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The Living Room Church is shaped by a relationship culture...with God and with people.

We approach Church life differently from what many are used to. We gather every fortnight in various homes for what we call HOME CHURCH. These relational groups gather to deepen their faith and friendships in ways a traditional church service cannot offer. Through our app, we spend time together watching a Featured Message and then unpack it together with real-life conversations and discussions. Time is also spent encouraging and praying for each other, worshipping God and doing life around a shared meal.

We also value the strength that comes from uniting together as a GATHERED CHURCH. We do this in Melton and Torquay on alternate fortnightly Sundays. This gives us an opportunity for our Home Churches to connect and come around the presence of God for a powerful time of worship and encouragement. 


The Living Room Church Vision
Taking the Church into homes every fortnight is an inspiring church experience for everyone no matter where you are or who you are with. It’s gathering together without the limitations that often come with "doing church" within a confined time-frame and building. The Living Room Church at Home experience is not limited by location, expensive buildings or days of the week. It is a place where you are known, valued and loved as we all journey together in the life of faith. We've seen amazing spiritual growth as people have discovered their voice, their gifts and their capacity to care for each other like a family. 

But Home Churches are only a part of our journey, we also embrace the beauty of the Gathered Church. We never want to ignore the power that also comes when the people of God gather together, united by a common love for God and value for His presence. That's why we didn't want to throw away the gathered Church experience, which many are more familiar with. When we meet together every fortnight at one of our rented locations, we have a great time reconnecting with the larger Church family and get encouraged by all that God is doing.

You are welcomed home at any of our Living Room Churches!


Mark Jurisic

Lead Pastor

“God is not after servants – He desires relationship. He wants a Living Room full of sons and daughters who know how to simply live in His presence.”

Leif Hetland "Called to Reign"

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Caroline Jurisic

Lead Pastor



Because of Jesus,

we BELONG.  It's not about following a list of religious rules or having to prove yourself worthy. It is about connecting to God and others in authentic relationships.



Our lives are built on all that Jesus has done. We BELIEVE that life can be abundant in joy, hope and power. We are ONE CHURCH in many homes and locations, united by our faith in Jesus Christ.


We are committed to experiencing the reality of what Jesus has made possible. What we believe transforms the way we BEHAVE  and how we live  can transform the  world around us. 


The normal Christian life is a supernatural life. We intentionally aim to equip and empower each person to BECOME a living expression of the Kingdom life that reflects who Jesus is.



You can watch our weekly Featured Message here, on our YouTube channel or in our free app.

Finding Home in the Father's Heart - INTRO: The Journey Home

Finding Home in the Father's Heart - INTRO: The Journey Home

We are all on a journey home. A home where we know who we are, where we belong and why we exist. But the problem is, many are walking on the wrong path, the path away from Father God’s heart of love. In this message, the introduction to this series, you will get an overview of the foundational truths about your identity and the central motivation of Jesus’ ministry. SUGGESTED QUESTIONS AND ACTIVATION EXERCISE: Spend time together going through this exercise that will help you to see how the orphan mindset can easily shape your daily life without you even realising it. Pay attention to your FIRST and immediate response. There are two different responses to each category: The first will be how someone living like an ORPHAN responds and the second will be how a SON or DAUGHTER of God responds. • THE IMAGE OF GOD: Do you see God as a Master to obey OR a Father to love? • YOUR DEPENDENCY: Are you independent and self-reliant OR interdependent and acknowledge your need for God? • THEOLOGY: Do you live by the religious laws of God OR live by God’s law of Love? • SECURITY: Are you insecure, lacking peace OR do you live from a place of rest and peace? • NEED FOR APPROVAL: Do you strive for praise, approval and acceptance from people OR live as one who is totally accepted in God’s love and justified by grace? • MOTIVE FOR SERVICE: Do you need personal achievement to make you feel good about yourself and to impress God OR do you serve from a motivation of deep gratitude because you know you are unconditionally loved and accepted by God before doing anything? • VIEW OF AUTHORITY: Do you see authority as a source of pain and you find it hard to trust people OR are you respectful, honouring and giving room for God to use leaders to love and lead you? • VIEW OF CORRECTION: Do you find it hard to receive correction or admit you are wrong and get your feelings hurt easily OR do you see correction as a blessing that exposes your weaknesses and empowers you to live higher? • EXPRESSION OF LOVE: Are you guarded and see love as conditional that is based on performance, yours and others OR are you open, patient and able to express love where you lay down your own agenda to meet the needs of others? • SENSE OF GOD’S PRESENCE: Do you feel that God is distant and cannot be known intimately OR is God close and personal? • THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: Is walking with Jesus hard, laboured and difficult OR is walking with Jesus joyful, easy and light? • YOUR POSITION: Do you interact with God like a Servant and a Slave OR as a Child who has the rights of His family? • VISION: Do you strive with spiritual ambition, seek achievements to be known and desire to be treated as someone special OR is your daily experience lived from the Father’s unconditional love and see your life as a joyful representation of Him to the world around you? • FUTURE: Do you fight hard to get what you want OR do you live like someone who knows by experience what it means to live in your inheritance from God? Optional Questions to consider: 1. Why is your IDENTITY such an important aspect of your response to life, to God and to others? 2. What does the word “HOME” mean to you? How does it differ from the Home that God is offering you? 3. Why do many Christians struggle to know God as a Father? What gets in the way? 4. Read Romans 8:15-16. Why do some people interact with God like fearful slaves? What does it mean to approach Him as sons/daughters (i.e. what access does it give you)? 5. What part does Jesus have in your understanding of God as a Father? What part does Holy Spirit have in affirming this truth? 6. Read John 1:12. What does it mean that Jesus gave us THE RIGHT to become children of God? What difference does this make in how you pray? Worship? See your spiritual inheritance?

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Throughout each month The Living Room Church gathers together fortnightly in homes and a central location on the other Sunday. Below are the dates for this month's Gatherings. 


To find a Home Church near you, please get in touch with us so that we can connect you to a loving Home Church family.


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Find out more about our dedicated school of supernatural living. Launched in May 2024 in Torquay, VIC.

Registrations for Term 3 now open "Intro. to the Prophetic"


To find out more about The Living Room Church and how you can get involved, please click the button below, send us your details and we will be in touch with you. 

Thanks for your interest!

"Daily they met together in the temple courts and in one another’s homes to celebrate communion. They shared meals together with joyful hearts and tender humility."

ACTS 2:46 (TPT)

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