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CHURCH ONLINE...How's It Working For You?

Church Online

Who would've thought that in the year 2020 we would not be able to meet physically in our Church buildings but rather have to take it all online? I still can't get used to preaching in front of a camera and not have people to interact with. Very strange indeed.

But what I am amazed by is how God is using this online medium to reach and encourage people that we would not have reached if we had remained within a building. We've been getting some great feedback from people in Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, Interstate and locally. We've also seen some people that have not come to our church from within our community that have been repeat viewers. I guess this has been a surprising blessing. No doubt there is a lot we will learn from this.

We are currently seeking God on ways to continue providing a Live Stream of our Sunday services when restrictions lift, but there is much to consider before we decide on if it is suitable and how it can be done without major expense.

So, how has doing Church online been for you and your family? I understand that it's nothing like being there in person, interacting with others, feeding off the atmosphere of God's presence and being in the moment, but I am sure there are some blessings that God has given to you during this season. Why not share your experience in the comments below and encourage others to connect with us each Sunday at 10am on our Facebook page

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