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Daily Encounter Journal

For many years I have found great strength and direction in my "secret place" (Psalm 91:1) with God. But the greatest benefit of spending time with God in that place of relationship is that I discover more about Him and also about myself. It is in that safe place of honesty, where all striving ceases, that I can be me without fear of being rejected. It is so liberating that I don't have to try to impress God with a version of me that is fake and hypocritical so that He would accept me. Oh, such freedom! It is in my secret place that my Father God loves to remind me...SON, YOU'RE MY FAVOURITE! Wow, He must have heaps of favourites, but when I'm sitting with God, I feel like I'm the only one.

Something that I have found very beneficial was to learn the practice of journalling and being intentional about writing down what God is saying to me and record what I see Him doing. So, I have collated a variety of questions and journalling prompts that I have used over the years that help to capture the moment. Nowadays I have created an electronic version of this that I use on my iPad with a great app called "Moleskin Journey". Here is a link on the Apple App Store if you're intersted. This app allows you to create personalized fields and boxes where you type in your daily thoughts and discoveries.

For those of you who prefer to write with a pen and paper, I have attached a PDF version of the same journal that I use. Feel free to print it out and use it as often as you'd like. I am sure that you will benefit from this habit as it adds to your growing experience with God.

Daily Journal
Download PDF • 122KB

God bless your journey with the One who loves you most. Oh and OK, I won't get offended if He calls you His favourite too.

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