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Thank You Elders!

Wow, 2020 really has been a huge year of changes, adjustments and shifting atmospheres. This is evident in our nation, our towns and our individual families. But we have also experienced some big changes in the life of The Living Room Church family. When God gave me the word "RENEW" and then also added "RESET", I had no idea what that would mean for us. No one could've imagined it looking like this! But our Father God has carried us through and His faithfulness has been nothing short of miraculous.

A big change that I want to share with you is in relation to our Leadership Team. Every two years the Eldership Team reviews the current people involved and gives the option of either carrying on in the role of Elder, choosing to step down or on a rare occasion, being removed from the role due to various reasons. So this past week we went through that process and I believe it is important that I inform you that Jason, Catena, Morgan, Jenny and Rudi have all decided to step down and no longer be a part of our Eldership Team. Therefore, at this point in time our Eldership Team consists of Me, Caroline and Elfrida. This is a big change to the team and though it will take some time getting used to, I fully support their decision and applaud their commitment to other areas of their lives that require their focussed attention. There were no problems or divisive issues that inspired their decisions, just personal choices and convictions that I support and agree with.

I want to personally thank each person for their dedicated service to our Church family and for their support over the years. They have added some great feedback, wisdom and practical care to not only Cazz and I, but also to our entire Church family. We will still see them actively involved in our Church and I look forward to seeing them serving where they feel most effective. They are all people of godly character and I found it a privilege to journey with them as we went through the highs, lows and in-betweens together.

Please keep us in your prayers as we seek God on who will be added to our Leadership Team and for wisdom on how to proceed from here and lead us out of this season into our exciting future together. There are many things to consider and put into place and God alone has everything we need. Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support.

Love and Blessings,


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