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Two Churches Merging to One

We've got great news!


Exciting days are ahead as we are responding to what God is doing with two local Melton Churches uniting as one. It's so encouraging when we suddenly realise that God had been working in the hearts of all involved in different ways and though it was unknown to one another, God timed it to perfection.

So, as of Sunday 27th June it is official. We invite you all to attend our Melton location at 10am for a time of worship, prayer and prophetic declaration as we move forward as one Church family.

Below is a summarised explanation regarding this merger (thank you Julie for your valuable wisdom in providing words for this exciting new chapter):


After much prayer and strategic discussions with leadership teams from both Churches we have decided to go ahead with a Church merge. Highway of Hope Church and The Living Room Church will now become one congregation. We are super excited about this and believe God has ordained it to happen.

What does this mean?

1. Highway of Hope’s Church name, incorporation and bank account will discontinue the end of June 2021.

2. The words “Highway” and “Hope” will still be used in certain ministries such as “HWY Kids” events which are held at The Living Room Church building on a regular basis on Sunday afternoons.

3. “The Living Room Church” building will be known as “Home Base” while other Church gatherings and meetings elsewhere may have their own names but be under the accountability of “The Living Room Church”

4. Julie Shannon will no longer be a Senior Minister/Pastor but will be an Elder on the Leadership Team of The Living Room Church (Melton) and involved in leading certain ministries or events. She will also be involved in strategic prayer and planning for “The Living Room Church” along with founding Senior Pastors/Elders - Mark and Caroline Jurisic and Elder Elfrida de Beer.

5. The current Highway of Hope Leadership team will be involved in Church life and Ministry according to how The Holy Spirit reveals and is confirmed through the new Eldership structure. How God calls them to integrate and/or lead in the new merged Church we will be revealed as we progress ahead.

6. Both congregations will be welcomed to join in with any existing groups either Church currently runs. We encourage new and embracing relationships between both congregations.

We believe our core faith beliefs and Church DNA is so similar that the transition to a unified and thriving Church family will be an easy one. Of course there will be adjustments made from both Churches, but when God is in it He also empowers it.

Highway of Hope has a small congregation so it won’t feel like a flood of people to The Living Room Church family. We believe God has worked out the finer details and we will discover them as we move forward.

These are exciting times and we are deeply thankful that God has heard our prayers and He is setting things into place for the GREATER DAYS ahead.

Please continue to pray and support our amazing Church family as we move forward with all that Father God has for us.

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