E from Williamstown

I had a Pap-smear test come back abnormal (before my SOZO session) and I had to go for more tests to see if it was cancerous.


In the mean time the girls prayed for me and I saw a picture of God cleaning my womb.  When I went to the specialist yesterday they said everything was absolutely perfect!!

Thank you Jesus 


I felt the fear towards the results/cancer was gone after the SOZO and it helped my mind to know the results would be good!


I am very happy and thankful for the girls and their support!

SOZO is an amazing resource to the community and I am so grateful for you all.

M from


I was one of the first to have a SOZO and I was so deeply affected and moved by it.


Not sure what to expect I came in simply wanting to see what God would do and what He would show me. Well...He totally broke through with such love and a vision of who I am to Him, that I have never been the same. 

I recall a picture where I was seated in Father God's arms, Jesus standing next to the Father with a huge smile and the Holy Spirit in the middle of us pulsating like a heart beat on fire. I found myself embraced and consumed by God's love and identified as one that belongs to Him. 

Deeply thankful for the SOZO team and their faithfulness to lead people into life-changing encounters. 

Now it's Your Turn...

Send us your testimony of what God has done for you through our SOZO ministry.

Got to the "YOUR STORY" page and submit your testimony using the form. 


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