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Over the years we have experienced so much together. Through the mountain highs and valley lows, God's love and faithfulness have always been our reality. As we have grown as a Church family, we are so thankful for where we have been, where we are and where God is taking us. Our identity is not attached to what we do but is deeply connected to who we are because of Jesus. We are God's family of sons and daughters who have discovered the freedom and beauty of walking on The Father's feet into a world that is crying out for an encounter with God's love and grace. 

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Mark and Caroline Jurisic launched what was then known as CityWest Community Church back in November 2001. Since then the Church has enjoyed growth and impact in the outer western suburb of Melton in Victoria. It has been an amazing journey and one that has expanded to also include a Church family in the Surf Coast town of Torquay.

Today we embrace a united identity under the name THE LIVING ROOM CHURCH. We are one Church in many homes across Melton, Torquay and beyond. A healthy family is a growing family, so we look forward to seeing many more Living Room Church Homes get established.

The Living Room Church is not your typical church experience as many would know it. We see ourselves as a spiritual family, not an organization, religious institution or exclusive club. You will find that our approach to Church-life is one that is genuine and relevant, which also provides a relaxed home environment where the only thing we boast about is how good and amazing our loving God is. 


Living in the experience of a global pandemic, we have come to appreciate the power that our online ministry can continue to have. Through our app, we are able to provide anyone with a Living Room Church in their very own living room. This is our ongoing and expanding story.

We invite you to belong to something meaningful. You are welcome to be a part of our Church family that is honest, fun-loving and experience the joy of a life embraced by God for yourself. 


It's more than a motto, it's our lifestyle...



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